• Exclusive interaction with Dr. Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Maha Metro PROCUREMENT PLAN OF MAHA-METRO (NAGPUR PROJECTS)Click here for Preventive measures guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Click here to view comic for COVID-19 awarenessClick here to View Tenders of Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs DepartmentToll free number of Nagpur Metro Rail Project is (18002700557) Beware of fraudulent recruiters. Maha Metro does not recruit through any agency. Dear Patrons. Kindly note that Maha Metro has not authorized any person or an agency for facilitating it's recruitment. All the available positions shall be notified only through Maha Metro website. Be alert and do not fall in trap of tricksters.Nagpur Metro Rail Project Ground work started on the E-W Corridor and Wardha Road section on the N-S Corridor. Please be more alert and careful! Inconvenience regretted - Thanks for cooperation!Final mode of traction for Nagpur Metro Rail Project : 25 KV AC traction systeme-Tender facility is available on https://mahametrorail.etenders.in Important Note for All BiddersDear Patrons, Kindly note that Maha Metro has not floated any tender for requirement of JCB machines. Please be alert & do not fall in trap.Maha Metro is taking due care to ease traffic congestion on Wardha Road.

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    तेजस्विनी महिला मंचच्या सदस्यांची मेट्रो सफर
    26 Nov 2020

    वाढदिवस साजरा करा धावत्या मेट्रोत
    26 Nov 2020

    सीताबर्डी ते बुटीबोरी व सीताबर्डी ते हिंगणापर्यंतचा प्रवास सोपा
    25 Nov 2020

    मेट्रो में विभिन्न उत्सव मनाने की पेशकश
    25 Nov 2020

    धावत्या मेट्रो मध्ये कविता वाचन एक अभिनव प्रयोग
    12 Nov 2020

    महा मेट्रो तर्फे सेलिब्रेशन ऑन व्हील्स उपक्रम
    12 Nov 2020

    दौड़ती मेट्रो में कवियों ने पेश की कविता
    12 Nov 2020

    मेट्रोचा लकी ड्रॉ जाहीर
    4 Nov 2020

    Metro invites citizens to set-up expo in vicinity of stations
    4 Nov 2020

    मेट्रो : जलदगतीने तयार होताहेत कन्व्हेंशन सेंटर
    3 Nov 2020

    सीताबर्डी इंटरचेंज को प्लैटिनम प्रमाणपत्र
    3 Nov 2020

    सीताबर्डी ते लोकमान्यनगर मेट्रो स्टेशनदरम्यान युथ राईड
    1 Nov 2020

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