Project Updates

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  • Works
  • Finance
  • Organisation
  • Milestones
  • Work in Progress (Photos)

Land Acquisition

Total Land requirement is 85.50 Ha
Possession received of Land 84.40Ha
% of Total Land 98.71%
Action for acquiring the remaining land is in progress.

List of Government Land in possession of NMRCL

Name Of Department Mouza Survey No. City Survey No. Area Of Land in H.R/Sq.mts Purpose Date Of Possession
S.R.P.F Nildoh 18 - 260700 Sq.Mts Car depot 04/08/2015
Morris College T. Point Sitabuldi 302 1848 2535.77 Sq.Mts RS 04/08/2015
Morris College Ground Dhantoli 98,99,100,101 9 19889.9 Sq.Mts Parking 04/08/2015
Pathwardhan High School Sitabuldi 303 1847 2252.63 Sq.Mts Station 04/08/2015
MTDC Sitabuldi 169 1864 7495.00 Sq.Mts Parking 04/08/2015
Govt. Technical School Nagpur 374 101 469.67 Sq.Mts RS 04/08/2015
MIDC Digdoh(Devi) 31,32 - 290.20 Sq.Mts Station 04/08/2015
MIDC Digdoh(Devi) 05 - 1095.614Sq.Mts Station 22/11/2016
Pathwardhan High School (Open Space) Sitabuldi 303 1847 1414.124Sq.Mts Station / Resettlement 04/02/2016
Shahid Kakde Bhankheda 82 495 314.936 Sq.Mts Running Section 16/05/2016
Mayo Hospital Bhankheda 82 1397 713.870 Sq.Mts E/DGF at Running section 19/05/2016
Prajapati Nagar Pardi 45/1, 47, 51, 63/1, 64, 65, 66,74/2,75 160 2749.955 Sq.Mts Entry-Exit Parking 20/07/2016
Ujjwal Nagar Ground Somalwada 120/1 380 5642.48 Sq.Mts Parking 20/07/2016
Metro Bhavan Lendra 225 1261 6359.84 Sq.Mts Metro Bhavan 06/08/2016
Ambazari Lake View Ambazari 3,4,9/1, 42/2, 2581 3353.093 Sq.Mts Station 04/10/2016
Patwardhan High school Sitabuldi - - 608.231 Sq. Mts Station 23/12/2016
Morris College T Point Sitabuldi - - 2697.658 Sq.Mts - 23/12/2016
World Bank Project (PWD) - - - 3320.43 Sq.Mts - -

Land Acquisition for NMRCL

Name Of Department Land Required as per DPR in HR Collecting Order for handling over advance possession H.R Physical Possession Taken H.R Remarks
State Government 33.90 32.02 33.08 97.59%
MIDC 0.14 - 0.14 100%
Government Of India 2.64 - -  
NIT 3.52 - 3.32 94.50%
NMC 0.89 - 0.89 100%
MADC 42.13 - 42.13 100%
MIL 2.08 - 1.48 71.19%
Private 1.56 - 1.47 94.16%
Total 85.50 32.03 84.40 98.71%

Physical progress

1.   Consultant :

1.DMRC & RITES has been appointed as Interim Consultants.
2. ERNST & YOUNG LLP has been appointed as Consultant for "Smart Card and Automatic Fare Collection System".
3. AFC INDIA LTD. & CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT has been appointed as Consultant for "Social Impact Assessment Studies"
4. L&T INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING LTD. & M/S RAJENDRAN ASSOCIATES have been appointed as Consultants for Detailed Design of 9 Stations on N-S Corridor.
5.Consortium of Systra, Egis, AECOM & RITES have been appointed as consultants for GC & DDC
6. Aurionpro have been appointed as consultants for implementation of IT platform involving ERP and 5D BIM.
7. Consortium of Enia Architects, Mahendrarai Consultants & Workspace Consulting been appointed as consultants for Planning, architectural design of Sitaburdi Interchange, Zero Mile station and TTMC at Sitaburdi.

2.    Tenders Awarded :


3.    Work In Progress :

Reach - I

A) Viaduct Portion -

* Pile foundation of 99% completed in viaduct portion.
* Pile Cap about 98% completed in viaduct portion.
* Piers about 99% completed in viaduct portion.
* Pier caps about 98% completed in viaduct portion.
* Metro Span about 86% completed in viaduct portion.
* Metro Segment casting about 68% completed in viaduct portion.

B) NHAI Portion -

*NH Piers about 100% completed in NHAI portion
*NH Span Launching about 58% completed in NHAI portion
*NH Spine Segment about 82% completed in NHAI portion

C) Stations Portion -

* Total 7 No. of stations work under progress in Reach I.
* 99.73% Pile foundation is completed in Stations portion.
* 76% Pile Caps is completed in Stations portion.
* 83% Rectangular Girders is completed in Stations portion.
* 68% I Girders is completed in Stations portion.

D) Manish Nagar Portion -

* 59% Open foundation is completed in Manish Nagar portion.
* 77% Pier Cap is completed in manish Nagar portion.

Reach - II


In Progress


* Work has been awarded to M/s ITD Cementation India Ltd. and the work is in progress in all 6 nos. stations in Reach-2

* Pile foundation about 98% completed in central viaduct portion.
* Pile Cap about 84% completed. in central viaduct portion.
* Pier at NHAI Level about 81% completed in central viaduct portion.
* Pier at Metro Level is in progress.
* Cross Beams/Pier Arm at NHAI flyover level about 12% completed
* Cross Beams/Pier Arm at Metro level is in progress.,br/>


* Entry/Exit Structure foundation works on off road are in progress at Automotive Square Station and Nari Road Station
* Pile foundation works on off road about 50% completed at Automotive Square Station
* Pile foundation works on off road about 38% completed at Nari Road Station.


* Secant Piling work and Excavation work is completed.
* The Raft foundation work and columns works for Basement B2 is in progress.
* Slab for Basement 2 - Staging work is in progress


* Secant Piling work is completed.
* Excavation work about 91% completed.


* Casting of I-Girders of about 35% completed.


* Work has been awarded to M/s AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd. and the work is in progress from Automotive Square to Sitabuldi.
* Pile foundation of 47% completed in viaduct portion.
* Pile Cap of 15% completed in viaduct portion.
* Pile Cap and Pier work is in progress.
* Metro Viaduct Segment and NHAI Flyover Segment Casting has been started and in progress.
* For Launching of Metro viaduct Segments near Zero Mile Station, the mobilization of launching materials (GSS - Ground Support System) is started.
* Fabrication of Launching Girder for Double-Decker Launching work is in progress.


* The barricading work for piling work of central viaduct portion of Gaddigodam station has been started.

1. "Rise of Wings"Cantilever wings (7m wide 4Lane) were launched by MahaMetro on either side of the central spine of Nagpur Metros 3.41 km double-decker viaduct which is being built on Wardha Road as part of the 22.293 km Line-1 between Automotive Square and Metro City.
2. Airport Metro Station - 1st Elevated Station, Airport Station, concourse slab,Massive Task Execution Started.
3. First cross beam at NHAI level at Automotive square station has been cast.
4. Launching Girder erection completed and ready for segment erection work , area Chitaroli to Agrasen Chowk.
5. Track Linking Work in the Hingna Corridor. Linking work between Lokmanya Nagar and Subhash Nagar has been initiated by placing `Flash Butt Welding Machine’ on viaduct.
6. Work in Progress at Automotive Square to Indora Chowk
7. Subhas nagar station entry structure, roof top slab in progress .
8. First Pier concrete P-230 started at Zero Mile on Reach 2 of Sitabuldi to Automotive square.
9. Piling Activities going on for Viaduct North – South Corridor. P 51-48 pier Re-bar fixing work in progress on the Nari Road.
10. Spine supporting Double Decker bridge @ Wardha raod
11. Yes LGA auto launching completed between P113 to P114

4.    Tenders Invited :


5.    Architectural Competition :

1. Consortium of Enia Architects, Mahendrarai Consultants & Workspace Consulting been appointed as consultants for Planning, architectural design of Sitaburdi Interchange, Zero Mile station and TTMC at Sitaburdi.

6. Solar PV System :

1. As on 31.03.2019, Maha-Metro has installed & commissioned 611 kWp Solar PV projects.
2. In this FY more than 2.5 Lakh units of solar energy has been generated, with savings to the tune of Rs. 15 Lakh
3. The Solar PV systems has been equipped with Net-metering arrangement for exporting surplus energy to the State Discom Grid

Financial Progress

Sr No. Funding Agency Amount as per sanction (Rs. in Crs) Budgetary allocation in FY 2015-16 including Subordinate Debt (Rs. in Crs) Amount
( Crs).











NIT (ULB contribution)




NMC (ULB contribution)




External funding






* includes Rs 181 Crs State taxes
** 1) Rs.479.4 Crs has been the payment made towards Land Acquisition
2) Expenses upto 31st May 2016

Organizational Progress

Particulars Nagpur Metro Total Count of MAHA-Metro
1. Current Strength of the Organization The current organizational strength is 527 employees 527
2. Head Count of people Outsourced Currently MAHA-Metro, Nagpur, employees are 912 people who are working in the pay rolls of placement agencies 912
3. Head Count of people working under Consultants A total of 10 people are working for MAHA-Metro, Nagpur, under the rolls of Consultants appointed by MAHA-Metro 10
4. Total Head Count Total number of employees working for MAHA-Metro, Nagpur is currently 1449 people 1449


Date Event

27 December 2020

Nagpur Metro reached this years highest metro travel ridership

08 December 2020

Nagpur Metro received certificate for Shankar Nagar Square and Rachna Ring Road Junction Metro Station

31 October 2020

Maha Metro Nagpur received the prestigious IGBC Platinum Green Building rating for Sitaburdi Interchange Station

20 October 2020

Maha Metro, Local Auto Body Join Hands to Provide Last Mile Connectivity

15 October 2020

Dr. Brijesh Dixit, MD, Maha Metro conferred with the Person of the Year Award 2020 - Public Sector at 18th Construction World Award.

14 October 2020

Maha Metro achieved a major milestone when it received a certificate from Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) to Ajni Square, Rahate Colony, LAD and Bansi Nagar Metro Station

12 October 2020

Nagpur Metro received the prestigious Indian Green Building Council ( IGBC ) Platinum Rating

14 August 2020

Maha Metro, TiE jointly hosted Webinar on Business Opportunities With Maha Metro

26 June 2020

The Nagpur District Guardian Minister Dr Nitin Raut visits Metro Bhavan, discusses project-related work.

04 June 2020

Maha Metro Nagpur awarded ISO 14001:2015 Certificate.

06 April 2020

Maha Metro Nagpur Facebook Page crosses 5.50 lakh mark.

23 March 2020

Maha Metro contributes ₹ 12 lakh towards Chief Minister Relief Fund towards COVID-19 relief measures.

14 March 2020

The Department of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Power, Government of India permits Energy Efficient Services Limited (EESL) to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charger at Metro Stations.

12th March 2020

Passenger services on Aqua Line every 15 minutes.

26 February 2020

Work on Maha Metro’s Gaddigodam Multi-Layer Transport System Begins

28 January 2020

Maha Metro Aqua Line services between Lokmanya Nagar Metro Station and Sitabuldi Interchange inaugurated by Shri Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Union Minister, in the presence of Maharashtra ministers – Shri Eknath Shinde, PWD Minister, Shri Anil Deshmukh, Home Minister, Shri Nitin Raut, Energy Minister, Shri Sunil Kedar, Youth Welfare Minister and other dignitaries.

23 January 2020

Bio Digesters has been installed at Khapri, New Airport and Airport South Metro Stations

18 January 2020

Nagpur Metro Received CMRS Certificate for Vasudev Nagar Metro Station

17 January 2020

CMRS conducts inspection for Vasudev Nagar Metro Station, grants certification for it.

07 January 2020

Track Laying work has been started Between Kasturchand Park & Zero Mile Station

24 December 2019

The Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) conducted inspection related to the all-important Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) technology along Reach-III stretch between Lokmanaya Nagar Metro Station and Sitabuldi Interchange

13 December 2019

CMRS Conducted Inspection of Jhansi Rani Metro Station

10 December 2019

Maha Metro has been awarded DPR work preparation for Metro Neo project in Warangal, State of Telangana

02 December 2019

Maha Metro has successfully commissioned `Pit Wheel Lathe’ (PWL) at MIHAN Rolling Stock Depot

27 November 2019

Maha Metro starts operations every 15 minutes at 80 KMPH

22 November 2019

CMRS clears Metro train travel at 80 KMPH

20 November 2019

Jai Prakash Nagar – the sixth Metro Station opens for public

19 November 2019

A high-power delegation from State of Telangana met Maha Metro officials and sought help in executing similar project in their state.

14 November 2019

CMRS team begins 2-day inspection of Maha Metro project

12 November 2019

Railway Board clears Metro train run at 80 KMPH

10 November 2019

AfD France & KfW Germany begin 3-day visit of Maha Metro project

05 November 2019

Maha Metro gets nod from National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for fly-over over Kamptee Road

04 November 2019

The last segment (2393) for Reach-IV being cast at Asoli workshop

26 September 2019

Airport, Jai Prakash Nagar and Rahate Coloy Metro Stations get IGBC’s Platinum Rating.

19 September 2019

Maha Metro starts train services every half an hour.

12 September 2019

Maha Metro Nagpur conducts Trial Run Demo at 90 KMPH between Khapri and Sitabuldi Interchange with RDSO on board.

06 September 2019

Maha Metro & Kinetic Green Sign MoU for e-rickshaw

05 September 2019

Maha Metro Nagpur bags CMRS Certification for Aqua Line from Lokmanya Nagar Metro Station to Sitabuldi Interchange.

03 September 2019

CMRS team begins 3-day inspection of Nagpur Metro Project.

31 August 2019

Release of Maha Card & Launch of Maha Metro Mobile Application for Nagpur Metro Commuters.

15 August 2019

Independence Day Celebrations. First Trial Run from Subhash Nagar to Sitabuldi Interchange.

13 August 2019

The first Receiving Sub-Station (RSS) is inaugurated at Morris College Ground.

08 August 2019

MoU for making metro stations charging station Signed between Maha Metro and Energy Efficiency Service Limited, a Government of India enterprise.

04 July 2019

500k Likes is achieved on Nagpur Metro facebook page

27 June 2019

Hourly services on UP and Down line started, Total 25 services a day

23 June 2019

Mazi Metro`s Up line got CMRS certificate

04 June 2019

Cross Over Sitabuldi Interchange to Zero Mile

30 May 2019

1st Trial Run of Reach – 3

10 March 2019

Passenger Service Started

08th March 2018

Thanks Giving ( Aabhar) Metro Ride for citizens & Woman’s Day Special Ride

05 March 2019

Maha Metro achieved a major milestone as it received a certificate from Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS)

24 Feb 2019

Maha Metro Nagpur bags RDSO certificate

18 February 2019

RDSO done successful trial run from Khapri Metro Station to Congress Nagar Metro Station on the elevated track.

14 February 2019

Honble MD Maha Metro Dr Brijesh Dixit along with Directors Mahesh Kumar and Sunil Mathur Conducted Safety run of Nagpur Metro with the Help of BULAND, Between Airport Station to Jaiprakash Nagar Station

12 February 2019

First Steel I girder erection at Gowari fly over

01 February 2019

MD. Dr Brijesh Dixit launched India`s first smart urban mobility solution for the public

25 January 2019

Nagpur Metro has organised Dhavnaar Mazi Metro Samwad Ridership Campaign at Mahindra & Mahindra Campus Near Lokmanya Nagar, Hingna Road, Nagpur

15 January 2019

Historical MoU Signed between Maha Metro & NMC for Joint Development of Markets

08 January 2019

State Cabinet approves second phase of Nagpur Metro Rail Project

26 December 2018

Metro Samwad conducted at Persistent Technologies, IT Park.

24 December 2018

The first batch of 33 new recruits join Maha-Metro.

20 December 2018

Maha- Metro and NMC sign MoU for Metro Mall Construction on Orange City Street. Dr. Brijesh Dixit, MD, Maha-Metro and Municipal Commissioner, Nagpur, Shri Abhijit Bangar ink the pact.

14 December 2018

Metro Samwad conducted at Hadas High School, North Ambazari road.

13 December 2018

Completion of last foundation at Reach III achieved.

12 December 2018

Launching of the last segment of Reach I completed.

30 November 2018

Metro Samwad conducted at Bajaj Nagar.

23 November 2018

Maha-Metro marks its presence in Agrovison 2018 through a novel way of a working train model and Priority section metro stations at their innovative stall.

22 November 2018

Shri Brijesh Dixit, Honble MD, Maha-Metro inspected and flagged off the first metro train of Nagpur Metro Rail Project at CRRC Dalian plant, China for dispatch to Nagpur.

12 November 2018

Nagpur Metro Rail Project felicitated at Indian Green Building Congress -2018 for achieving the highest (Platinum) rating for its three stations at the hands of Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Honble Minister, Housing & Urban Affairs

04 November 2018

Maha Metro Wins Prize For `The Best Exhibitor` At UMI 2018.

02 November 2018

The 11th Urban Mobility Conference (UMI) Was Inaugurated By The Chief Minister Of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis At Chitanvis Centre.

01 November 2018

The First Safety Park In India, Conceived By Maha-Metro, Was Inaugurated At The Hands Of Shri Durga Shankar Mishra, Housing And Urban Affairs Secretary Of India.

24 October 2018

Ramzula phase II work which was under Metro scope has been successfully completed in all respects

22 October 2018

Ground floor slab completed at Engineering Train Unit Building Hingna Depot

19 October 2018

50% of Pre Casting work at Aasoli Casting Yard for Reach IV completed.

12 October 2018

Work for last segment of the double Decker flyover between Airport South station and Munje square completed.

12 October 2018

Last Metro Segment casting of reach-1 is completed.

02 October 2018

Zero Mile Metro Station
Basement 1 and 2 work completed.
Ground level slab 86% completed and
Mezzanine Level slab 32% completed.

30 September 2018

Nagpur Metro for the first time plied at the peak speed of 90 Kms per hour.

22 September 2018

Agrasen Metro Station - Agrasan station pier arm and second stage pier and pier cap casting completed,segment erection work in Agrasen station is in progress.

10 September 2018

RDSO gives permission for 90 KM/hr trial run for Nagpur Metro.

03 September 2018

Casting Yard - Asoli, Bhandara Road -T & Rectangular Girders Scope / Completed - 754 / 299
Segment casting Scope / Completed - 2378 / 1037
Erection completed - 653 ( 50 spans)

31 August 2018

Metro Sanwad at PWS college Kamathi Road

25 August 2018

Tree plantation for 6000 trees kicked off at Little Woods II in around 139 acres area. There is a plan to have a plantation of around 11000 trees in this area.

24 August 2018

Airport Metro Station - UP & Down line platform construction completed. PEB structure Erection 50/430 completed.

20 August 2018

Road safety week started

05 August 2018

The work of establishing track at Hingna Depot is continue,Total 4 km track will be created at Hingna Depot out of which 350 meters tracks work was completed.

21 July 2018

Track Work started in Lokmanya nagar area and Rachana ring road on Metro Viaduct Standard gauge up line & down line.
A Metro Samwad was conducted at Goyal Ganga Building, Munje Chauk, Sitabuldi on Saturday 21st of July 2018.
24 July An amazing Metro Sanwad of Metro Friends and Fans was conducted with Lupin Limited At Mihan

17 July 2018

Railway, Maha Metro and Maharashtra Government signed MoU to connect Wardha, Ramtek, Katol and Bhandara.

12 July 2018

Successful demonstration of Buland on the elevated section after successful testing on the land - The 1.5 km of track work is completed from the airport south to the airport metro station on the elevated section, and the bulland shutter engine has been officially demonstrated on this track to deal with this track.

04 July 2018

Handing over of operational rooms for system works at Reach-3 Subhash nagar station and Lokmanya nagar Station

30 June 2018

Maha-Metro has organized Metro Samwad at Shahapurkar Hall, Dharampeth

24 June 2018

Peoples Representatives first ride of Nagpur Metro

22 June 2018

The first segment of Reach - 2 on Metro Viaduct Section, D&B Portion, between Zero Mile Station and Sitabuldi Station (Near Patwardan School, Sitabuldi) was launched successfully.

18 June 2018

Dr. Brijesh Dixit, MD, Maha Metro gets the "Rotary Vocational Excellence Award"

13 June 2018

Prepare for DPR presentation of Nagpur Metro Phase II

04 June 2018

Nagpur Metro Rail Project have added another #Feather in its cap by officially receiving the plaques and confirming the Platinum rating for three metro stations of priority section namely South Airport, New Air Port and Khapri. Platinum rating is the highest rating for metro stations awarded as per IGBC Green MRTS rating system.

26 May 2018

Concourse level slab Post tensioning rib beam slab Total 19 rib 5 main bay + 1 loading & unloading bay Span width of 27.2 mtr Total length 81.95 mtr 09 rib beams completed out of total 19.

22 May 2018

Fifth pour of Basement -1 level slab of Zero Mile station has been caste, with this pour of concrete, 4800 sqm out of 5300 sqm has been caste at Zero Mile Metro Station at Basement – 1 level.

19 May 2018

Foundation Work (Pile Cap Reinforcement) at Pier Location P244 between Munje Chowk to Variety Chowk for Viaduct Portion in #Reach_2. Staging Work for Fixing Pier Reinforcement at Pier Location P245.

17 May 2018

Pile Foundation Construction Work Started for Central Viaduct Portion of Gaddigodam Metro Station.

17 May 2018

Metro Samvad & Skating Rally Held at Central Avenue, Gandhibag

15 May 2018

Sitabuldi to Automotive Square corridor -
Construction of Elevated Viaduct in Reach-2 between Pier Location P231/P232 at Sitabuldi - Assembly of Ground Support Trestle (Underslung) by Hydraulic Crane for Span Erection

04 May 2018

Nagpur Metro Rail Project has come up with yet another first in the city with a specially designed Hash Tag crafted to showcase the vibrancy associated with the Project. Hon’ble MD, MahaMetro Shri. Brijesh Dixit did the honors of the inauguration.

03 May 2018

A delegation of KfW – the German government-owned development bank financing Nagpur Metro project – visited to Maha Metro

26 April 2018

Pile Cap Exacavation & Shoring Work is in progress at P245 between Variety Chowk and Munje Chowk Viaduct Portion.

25 April 2018

Hingna Casting Yard
101 Nos. out of 514 Nos. I-Girder Casting Completed for Station Portion in Reach-2 at Hingana Casting Yard.

21 April 2018

First Pre-Launch ride with Under privileged People and Celebrity Marathi Actor Sachin Pilgaonkar & Swapnil Joshi

21 April 2018

Automotive Corridor Viaduct work
1st Pier Cap of Metro Viaduct Level at Pier Location P230 Near Sitabuldi cast on 20.04.2018 in Reach-2

19 April 2018

Airport Metro Station Update
1st elevated station casting of 1st part of concourse level loading & unloading slab successfully completed.

18 April 2018

CMRS Inspection Over, Decks Clear for Joy Ride
The second and final inspection of Maha Metro Nagpur project was undertaken by a Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS)

17 April 2018

Segment erection work from Chitaroli Chowk to Agrasen Chowk in progress
15 number of span erection completed (in segments 167 segment erected)
Length of segment - 3mts .
Width of segment -8.5 mts

16 April 2018

Maha Metro, Nagpur has been Conferred with the prestigious SAP ACE Award. The award was presented at a glittering function held at Parel, Mumbai. The award was Conferred on Nagpur Metro for its pioneering work in the field of 5D BIM.

12 April 2018

Achievement - 501 numbers Out of 1630 Piles Completed for Viaduct Section near Kadbi Chowk

11 April 2018

became most followed FB page among all the Metro Rail projects in India.

09 April 2018

Maha Metro officials organised Metro Samwad at Gurudwara Area on Kamathi Road on 09th April 2018

06 April 2018

Total 60 "I" girder erected at Institution Of Engineers Metro Station. First concourse deck slab between sp1-sp2 casting completed Successfully on 22nd march 2018

30 March 2018

Metro Samwad program being conducted in Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology, Mangalwari bazaar road, Sadar, Nagpur, The students and faculty members actively participated in the discussion.

28 March 2018

Pune Media as study tour visited to Nagpur Metro Rail Project

27 March 2018

The work of ROB is visible over the ground now. U-Trough work for Manish Nagar is 80% completed and the procurement works for U-trough accessories is under procurement.

23 March 2018

An amazing "Metro Samwad" of Metro Friends and Fans was conducted at Little Wood, Hingna road on Friday. Nagpur Metro`s ongoing construction activities on the stretch of Sitabuldi to Lokmanya Nagar.

22 March 2018

New Airport Metro Station - 90% ground level work is done at At-Grade area of the priority section

17 March 2018

MSRDC Ramjhula - as per scope 5 no span casting completed, ramp retaining wall casting completed ramp portion filling work and crash barrier work is in progress

17 March 2018

MSRDC Ramjhula - as per scope 5 no span casting completed, ramp retaining wall casting completed ramp portion filling work and crash barrier work is in progress

06 March 2018

Cantilever wings (7m wide 4Lane) were launched by MahaMetro on either side of the central spine of Nagpur Metro`s 3.41 km double-decker viaduct which is being built on Wardha Road as part of the 22.293 km Line-1 between Automotive Square and Metro City.

22 February 2018

Maha Metro Starts Welding of Rails in Hingna Corridor Reach 3.

19 February 2018

MAHA METRO participated in the Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence 2018.

17 February 2018

Maha Metro Celebrate 3rd Foundation Day.

8 February 2018

First Pier concrete P-230 started at Zero Mile on Reach 2 of Sitabuldi to Automotive square Corridor by M/S Afcons.

5 February 2018

National Safety Week was observed in Maha Metro.

3 February 2018

Maha-Metro conducted a meeting and open discussion with Stakeholders.

19 January 2018

Nagpur Metro was organised a Metro Samvad at Shankarlal Jalan Foundation, Bhandara road.

18 January 2017

KFW Team Visits Nagpur Metro Project.

17 January 2018

CMRS Team Visited Maha Metro Nagpur Project and Inspects Facilities

15 January 2018

Maha Metro Celebrated Road Safety Week awareness program from 08th to 14th Jan 2018 with staff, workforce, and local public...

13 January 2018

Maha Metro Nagpur launches first TETRA Tower

30 December 2017

RDSO approval for the re-designed tubular portal by Maha Metro

20 December 2017

Additional Metro Rail Coaches Arrive in Nagpur

18 December 2017

400k Likes is achieved on Nagpur Metro facebook page

06 December 2017

RDSO has issued the speed certificate for operation of trains between Khapri and Airport South metro stations.

05 December 2017

Nagpur Metrop is organised Metro Samvad at Sitabuldi on 05 Dec 2017

30 November 2017

Stage is set for the commercial run of Nagpur Metro on a segment with the arrival of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates. To be installed at the three priority stations of Airport South, New Airport and Khapri initially - the AFC gates would revolutionize travel in Nagpur. A demonstration of AFC gates was conducted

27 November 2017

Pukeshwar and Geeta watgure emerged as the fastest athletes in the 21 km MahaMetro Nagpur Marathon on Sunday, 26th Nov. The prizes all the four races were distributed by World Boxing Champion MC Mary Kom. Dr. Brijesh Dixit, Managing Directer, MahaMetro Presided over the ceremony.

24 November 2017

MahaMetro has completed the casting of 1000 segments as a part of Reach-3. The East-West corridor will have 10 stations and 10.2 Km Viaduct route operating in between Jhansi Rani Square to Lokmanya Nagar. “M/s AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.” and Team are working on this site.

22 November 2017

Hon. Brijesh Dikshit, MD Maha Metro was the key speaker in joint venture of Unnati Foundation and Chhatra Jagruti on 'Maha Metro : yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' mahaSanwad held at Dhanwate sabhagruh, shankar nagar on tuesday. Dr. Dixit being honoured for getting PhD. in Economics of Safety on Indian Railway by Organisers.

16 November 2017

Nagpur Metro was organised a Metro Samvad at Vyapari Association, Indora Square

07 November 2017

Maha Metro has been chosen for the central urban development ministrys award for the countrys best urban mobility project.

30 October 2017

Nagpur Metro has executed concrete pour of 2200 Cu. Mtr for administrative building at Mihan Depot

16 October 2017

Maha Metro erected its 4th and last Steel Girder at Ramzula Section

30 September 2017

Flag off the trial run of Majhi Metro and the launch a Smart Mobility card - Maha Card, at the hands of CM Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

24 September 2017

First steel girder erection completed out of 4 steel girders above Ramjhula

18 September 2017

A Final test done by Nagpur Metro for Trial Run. Maha Metro successfully Run Buland (The Electrical shunting vehicle utilized for Track testing) between Mihan Depot to Khapari Metro station.

07 September 2017

A team of "Research Design and Standard Organization (RDSO)" and Maha-Metro did a joint inspection of At Grade Section

05 September 2017

On the auspicious occasion of Anant Chaturdashi, Shri Brijesh Dixit,Hon MD.Maha Metro performed bhumipujan of Eco Park at Mihan

04 September 2017

Shri Brijesh Dixit, Honble MD, MahaMetro did an inspection by Rail Trolley of the track on which coaches will be seen running

20 August 2017

Maha-Metro Rail Corporation is executing the biggest concrete pour at Zero Mile Station.

14 August 2017

A Traction Substation (TSS) was inaugurated by Hon. Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director Maha Metro.

02 August 2017

Three metro bogies arrived in the city for trial run.

10 July 2017

Maha-Metro BIM Advancement Academy started at Nagpur under the stewardship of Mr. Brijesh Dixit, MD Maha-Metro.

08 June 2017

Bhumi Pujan of Reach conducted 4 at the hands of Shri Brijesh Dixit, Hon. Managing Director, MahaMetro.

01 June 2017

Head hardened rail for Nagpur Metro rail project arrived from Russia.

04 May 2017

Nagpur Metro Facebook Page Received 3, 00,000 likes

01 May 2017

Bhumi Pujan of Signaling System was performed at Khapari Station at the hands of Shri Brijesh Dixit, Hon. Managing Director, MahaMetro.

19 April 2017

Sahyog Kendra Started in front of Yashwant stadium.

13 April 2017

First Pier of Jhansi Rani square to Lokmanya nagar reach of East-west Corridor erected.

10 April 2017

Shri Brijesh Dixit, MD, MAHA Metro inaugurated the testing facility and laboratory, which is a Joint Venture between MAHA-METRO and Bureau Veritas, at Nagpur.

07 April 2017

Nagpur Metro participated in "Smart City Summit 2017" conducted at Nagpur.

24 March 2017

The Work contract for the 7.657 Km stretch between Munje chowk to Projatpati Nagar is awarded to M/s ITD Cementation India Ltd.

15 March 2017

Work of Nagpur Metro starts at Munje Sq.

18 February 2017

Honble MD, Shri Brijesh Dixit, inaugurated "Metro Mahiti Kendra" at LIC sqaure.

10 February 2017

The tender for Roof Top Solar PV Project (from stage of Designing to Testing & Commissioning and including Comprehensive Maintenance) in Metro Bhawan - the corporate office building of Nagpur Metro, has been awarded to consortium of M/S. Option Sales Pvt Ltd,M/S Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd & M/S Hygrid Solar Pvt Ltd.

01 February 2017

The work of Signaling and Train Control of Nagpur Metro is awarded to Consortium of M/s SIEMENS Ltd India & Siemens Rail Automation, Spain.

31 January 2017

The Raft Foundation of Airport Station Ancillary Building has been laid.

27 January 2017

Nagpur Metros segment erection work at Pride Hotel junction has been completed.

24 January 2017

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited finally and formally comes into existence by reconstitution of Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited.

18 January 2017

LOI for Design, manufacture, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Signalling and Train Control System awarded to M/S. Siemens Roll Automation, S.A.U.

14 January 2017

Nagpur Metro Facebook Page Received 2, 50,000 likes

12 January 2017

The rails for at-grade section arrived at Nagpur.

12 January 2017

Shri Brijesh Dixit, MD, NMRCL inaugurated Nagpur Metro's stall at Comp-Ex 2017. The stall highlights were IT applications adopted by NMRCL.

28 December 2016

LOI for Construction of NHAI Flyover originating from Ujjwal Nagar on the North-South corridor of Nagpur Metro Rail Project to Manish Nagar in Nagpur awarded to M/s NCC Ltd

19 December 2016

Bhoomipujan For Construction Of MIHAN Rolling Stock Depot For N-S Corridor Performed On 19/12/2016.

09 December 2016

LOI for Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Storage Civil work, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of the Rooftop Solar PV project including O&M at Metro Bhawan awarded to M/s. Option Sales Pvt Ltd, M/s Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd & M/s Hygrid Solar Pvt Ltd.

1 December 2016

Bhoomipujan for construction of Reach 3 Viaduct between Jhansi Rani Sq and Lokmanya Nagar performed on 01/12/2016

30 November 2016

LoI for Construction of Metro Train Depot at MIHAN (N-S corridor) & Hingna (E-W Corridor) including Civil & E&M Works awarded to M/s Pratibha CSL Sudhir Constructions JV

17 November 2016

Funding Agreement of 130 Million Euros for NMRCL project signed betweeb DEA and AFD France

28 October 2016

LOI for Design and Construction of viaduct on reach-3 between Jhansi Rani Square to Lokmanya Nagar Stations on E-W corridor of Nagpur Metro Project awarded to AFCONS infrastructure ltd

15 October 2016

LoA for Manufacture and Supply of Passenger Rolling Stock for Nagpur Metro Project signed between NMRCL and CRRC, China , in the presence of Hon. Union Minister For Surface Transport and Shipping - Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Hon. MD - NMRCL - Shri. Brijesh Dixit and other dignitaries.

06 October 2016

Bhoomipujan of Dharampeth(Ambazari) Metro station was performed by Hon. M D of NMRCL

20 September 2016

LoI for construction of 10 Nos Elevated Metro Stations (excluding Via-duct) on the E-W Corridor in Reach-3 awarded to ITD Cementation

02 September 2016

Bhoomipujan of New Airport metro Station performed by Hon. MD of NMRCL

17 August 2016

First Segment of Via-duct Launch completed on N-S Corridor between Cargo Terminus Road and Pride Hotel Square

12 August 2016

Bhoomipujan of Khapri metro station performed by Hon. MD of NMRCL

27 July 2016

MoU With Bureau Veritas India To Set Up And Jointly Run World Class NMRCL-BVIL Laboratory For Testing Of Material Used In Construction And Other Civil Works.

24 July 2016

MOU Signed Between NMRCL & DRDO

23 July 2016

Metrosamvad- A Public Interaction Program Was Organised At Wainganga College Of Engineering . Dignitaries Present On The Occasion Were Vice Principal Surbhi Shrivastava , CEO Of College Dr. Rohit Manjule, HR & Corporate Relation Mr. Pravin Wat

21 July 2016

Construction of 7 elevated metro stations and 3 At grade stations at the N-S corridor awarded to IL&FS ECC Ltd

1 July 2016

Tree Plantation Program at Vasudev Nagar in Ambazari Tank submergence area.

29 June 2016

Team Metro organised Metrosamvad with Taffic Police Department at DCP Traffic Office, Present on occasion were DGM (PR) NMRCL Shri. Shrish Apte , Security Advisor NMRCL Shri. Arvind Giri

27 Jun 2016

As a symbol of Solar initiative of Nagpur Metro, a Battery Operated Vehicle named SOLARPULSE ONE chargeable on Solar power launched at the hands of, Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendraji Fadnavis.

11 June 2016

NMRCL organised Metrosamvad at Datta Mandir Parsodi, Dakshin Paschim Nagpur Jeshta Nagrik Sangh. Present were President Sri. Kate, Shri. S.M. Apte DGM (PR) & other office bearers.

31 May 2016

NMRCL organised Metrosamvad at MIHAN

27 May 2016

NMRCL & Baljagat jointly organised Metrosamvad & Chitrakala Spardha

25 May 2016

NMRCL conducted Metrosamvad at VIA on 25th May 2016. Present on the occasion were Mr. Atul Pande,President VIA ; Mr. Rohit Agarwal ,Secretary VIA; Mr. Sunil Mathur, Director (Rolling Stock) NMRCL; Mr. S. M. Apte, DGM (PR)NMRCL & Mr. Vinod Kumar Nagar JGM (Stores) NMRCL.

14 May 2016

Hon. Brijesh Dixit M.D NMRCL inaugurated sample collection center for Quality Control Laboratory

20 April 2016

The first Pier of elevated corridor is constructed on Wardha Road. The pier is based on Pile foundation with 4 no. of piles having diameter of 1.2mtr each. On the top of Pile foundation is Pile cap of Size 5.7x5.7. The Pier size is 1.5 mtr x2.00 mtr. & Height of Pier is nearly 8.5 mtr. The grade of concrete is M 60.

10 April 2016

The Project agreement with Kfw was signed on 10th April 2016 by Hon. Managing Director, Mr.Brijesh Dixit & Director, Kfw India,Mr. Peter Hilliges

06 April 2016

NMRCL conducted Metrosamvad at Eastern Sports Club

01 April 2016

Agreement Signed between DEA & KFW Bank of Rs 3750 Cr for Nagpur Metro Rail at Delhi

28 March 2016

NMRCL conducted "Metrosamvad"- A Public Interaction Program at G S College, Nagpur.Happy to received such a good response from students & Faculty members.They were so curious & interactive. S.M. Apte, D.G.M (P.R), NMRCL answered the queries & enlightened everyone about the project

04 March 2016

Metro samvaad program was conducted in LAD college, North Ambazari Road on 4th March 2016. The students and faculty members actively participated in the discussion. Mr. Shirish Apte, DGM (PR) answered the queries on the topic.

18 February 2016

In the presence of Hon. Dr. E. Sreedharan "Metro Man", NMRCL celebrated its 1st Foundation Day

06 February 2016

NMRCL organised elocution Competition at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering on 6th Feb,Present on occasion were S.M .Apte, DGM PR, NMRCL. Dr .Kapil Chandrayan,Principal Dr. Pande, HOD Dr. Shah and faculty members.

21 January 2016

Metrosamvad at G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering, Hingna

13 January 2016

Metrosamvad was held on 13th Jan 2016 at CIBMRD, Nagpur

13 January 2016

Metrosamvad was held on 13th Jan 2016 at Gandhibagh Garden, Present on the occasion were Shri. Dayashankar Tiwari, Leader of ruling party in NMC House & Shri. Shirish Apte, DGM (PR)

05 December 2015

MD of Nagpur Metro rail corporation Shri. Brijesh Dixit interacted with Vidarbha Economic Development Council members ,Nagpur

27 November 2015

Nagpur Metro "Majhi metro" nailed it by winning 2nd prize for best exhibitor at "8th Urban Mobility India conference and expo 2015" Hon. MD Nagpur Metro Shri Brijesh Dixit received award from Babul Supriyo, Hon. Minister of State for Urban Development

05 November 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 5th Nov at G.H.Raisoni, Shradha House, Present on occassion were Mr. Rajeev Chand CEO Raisoni Group

31 October 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 31th Oct 2015 at Hanuman Mandir, Shankar Nagar

30 October 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 30th Oct 2015 at Sugandh Mangal Karyalay, Dharampeth

19 October 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 19th Oct 2015 at PWS College, Kampte. Present on occassion were Principal Gat Sir, Corporator Shri. Gautam Patil, Corporator Sau.Savitatai Sangole

24 September 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 24th Sep on 8:00 PM at Shri. Santi Ganesh Utsav Mandal, Chitaroli Road. Present on occasion were Shri. Sanjay Chinchole.

24 September 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 24th Sep on 9:00 AM at Gudhe College, Hingna Road. Present on occasion were corporators Shri. Prafulji Gudhe.

18 September 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 18th Sep at at Devi Ahilya mandir, Dhantoli. Present on occasion were corporators Shri Sandipji Joshi and Dr.Safalta Ambatkar.

16 September 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 16th Sep at Ajni Square. Present on occasion were Shri. Shiledar Senior Citizen and Corporator Shri. Gopal Bohore.

16 September 2015

Three tier model (Surface road,Flyover& Metro rail) for Metro Construction between airport & Ajni Square released on 16th Sep 2015

11 September 2015

Government of India & Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs has come up with; “New Financing Instrument for large-scale infrastructure projects" namely “ODA Plus Loan”
Nagpur Metro Rail is the first project to be considered eligible for acquiring funds, under this instrument of external funding for 500 million Euro from KFW (German Bank)

8 September 2015

Metrosamvad was held on 8th Sep at Chatrapati Square. Present on occasion were Corporator Smt.Usha Nishitkar.

2 September 2015

Delegation from Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan (METI) visited Nagpur for detailed study of Nagpur Metro Rail Project

28 August 2015

Possession of 0.066 HR Land of MIDC land handed over to NMRCL. Cumulative Land acquired is 66.80 HR, i.e 76.43% of the Land required as per DPR

26 August 2015

Possession of 0.047 HR land of Govt.Technical School handed over to NMRCL

26 August 2015

Possession of 0.75 HR Land under MTDC handed over to NMRCL

26 August 2015

Possession of 0.22 HR Land of Patwardhan high School handed over to NMRCL

18 August 2015

Nagpur Metro Rail Board Of Directors meeting

17 August 2015

Loksamvad/Metrosamvad at Hanuman Mandir Ujwal Nagar

14 August 2015

Review Meeting with Hon. Shri DEVENDRA FADNAVIS (Chief Minister Of Maharashtra) at Mumbai

4 August 2015

Possession of 0.25 HR Land at Morris College T point handed over to NMRCL

4 August 2015

Possession of 1.99 HR Land at Morris College ground handed over to NMRCL

8 July 2015

European Investment Bank from Luxembourg visited Nagpur Metro Rail Project

2 June 2015

Delegation from KFW(German Bank) visited Nagpur for detailed study of Nagpur Metro Rail Project

31 May 2015

Karyarambha Ceremony of Nagpur Metro Rail Project at Khapri in presence of honourable Shri. DEVENDRA FADNAVIS (Chief Minister Of Maharashtra), Shri. NITIN GADKARI (Union Minister Of Urban Transport and Shipping).

16 May 2015

Geotechnical investigation of the entire alignment has start from 16th may 2015. It will involve

-investigation of soil and rock below ground, so that the same can be used for the foundation of the metro.

-cost involves lab testing of the samples collected, etc.

The said work will be completed in 2 months

6 May 2015

"Detailed Geotechnical Investigation and report for Nagpur Metro Rail System in Nagpur" Tender is open

30 Apr 2015

"Selection Of Project Management Consultant for Utilities shifting for Nagpur Metro Rail Project" Tender will be opened on 15th May 2015

18 Apr 2015

"Detailed Geotechnical Investigation and report for Nagpur Metro Rail System in Nagpur" Tender will be opened on 6th May 2015

17 Apr 2015


1 Apr 2015

DMRC, RITES are appointed as interim consultant for Nagpur Metro Rail Project.


  • Bid Process Management for Selection of General Consultant
  • Preparation of Schedule of Dimensions.
  • Preparation of Design Basis Report.


  1. Review of DPR in regard to traction type, coach width, platform length, and train length and critical review of alignment particularly as below but not restricted to:

  2. a)  Interchange station building at Munje Chowk with parking integration.

    b)  Chatrapati Nagar Square with station

    c)  Alignment between IGGMC & railway station on East-West corridor

    d)  Cotton Market Square to Anand talkies

    e)  Prajapati Nagar Square (junction of Ring Road & Bhandara Road)

    f)  CONCOR siding in MIHAN.

  3. Preparation of bid document & bid process management for appointment of execution agency for priority section between Airport – Khapri MIHAN (excluding depot)

  4. Preparation of bid documents for design & build viaduct portion of first elevated reach between Airport and Sitaburdi interchange (Munje Chawk).

  5. Provide GFC drawings for the priority section

  6. Preparation of bid document & bid process management for appointment of DDC (Detailed design Consultant including structural & architectural both) for stations including appointment of Architect for the interchange station (Sitaburdi).

27 March 2015

French Delegation visited Nagpur for detailed study of Nagpur Metro Rail Project

22 Feb 2015

Agreement with DMRC for preparation of DPR

18 Feb 2015

Incorporation Of Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited

12 Feb 2015

MADC transfered 37 ha land to NMRCL that includes land required for Depo

11 Feb 2015

Possession of 37.40 HR land out of 45.89 HR in MADC handed over to NMRCL

21 Aug 2014

Approval of GoI to the project

11 Feb 2014

In Principle approval by MoUD, GoI

30 Jan 2014

Draft DPR approved by the State Government

May 2013

Traffic Survey