About Bharat Rides Mobile App

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There are two mobile apps by the name of ‘Bharat Rides - Be Our Driver Partner’ and ‘Bharat Rides- Book Auto; See Nearby Utilities’

Download Drivers App

1) Go to Google Play Store

2) Search for "Bharat Rides - Be Our Driver Partner"

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Download Customers App

1) Go to Google Play Store

2) Search for "Bharat Rides - Book Auto; See Nearby Utilities"

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Benefits of Bharat Rides App

For Drivers

1) Online Booking

2) Offline Booking

3) Find customers

For Customers

1) App for booking Auto-rickshaw.

2) Customers can see nearby Medical Stores, Grocery Shops etc. from inside the app.

3) Customers can see nearby tourist places as well as book an auto rickshaw there

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No Commission on Ride (Only Subscription Charges Applicable )

Usability of Auto-Rickshaw as Maha-Metro Feeder

Auto-Rickshaws will pick-up commuters from their homes or various other locations and bring them to the nearby metro stations. As we will be providing all the Customers with Metro timings, they can reach to the nearest metro stations either by Online Booking or Offline Method.

Metro timings for the convenience of auto drivers and Commuters

Bharat Rides will provide facility for Auto-drivers to find customers from the most favorable places from where they can collect customers and drop them at metro stations.

1) Important Public places of Nagpur

2) Metro Timing of Each Stations

3) Railway Stations – Train Timings

4) Airport – Flight Timings

5) Government and Private Offices timings

6) Schools/colleges Timing

7)City and State Bus Timings (NMC and MSRTC)

8) Private Bus