Metro Neo

Metro Neo Project for Nasik

Metro Neo is an innovative transport system, which will be implemented for the first time in India in Nasik by Maha Metro. The detailed project report (DPR), prepared by Maha Metro, is awaiting clearance from Union Cabinet.

It is seamless, fast, reliable and cost effective. It will providetravel experience of international standards at par with Metro systems.

It is an articulated / bi-articulated trolley bus system withoverhead electric traction. The buses will be air conditioned with automatic door closing system,level boarding, comfortable seats, passenger announcement and informationsystem with electronic display.

It is a state-of-art, comfortable, energyefficient, minimal noise pollution and environment friendly system. It has beendesigned to negotiate sharp curves and steep gradient with minimal requirementof rehabilitation. The system can be upgraded to Light Metro with incrementalcost input in future as per traffic demand.

It is an innovative and pioneering project inIndia and will be the first MRTS to run on rubber tyres. Government of India on 21.08.2019constituted a committee, under chairmanship of Dr Brijesh Dixit, MD of Maha Metro, for standardization of detailed specifications for aRubber-Tyred Mass Rapid Transportation System with a view to implement itacross India.

AC electric coaches (carrying capacity of180/240 passengers) powered by over-head 600-750 V DC power supply will ply in Nasik.

Metro Neo Project for Warangal

Kakatiya Urban Development Authority (KUDA) had asked Maha Metro to prepare the DPR of Warangal Metro. Maha Metro recommended the use of Metro Neo technology and prepared the DPR accordingly. It saved Rs 2,000 crore of KUDA and made Warangal Metro feasible. KUDA has submitted the report to Telangana Government, which will forward it to the Central Government after vetting it.