Project Beyond Metro

Ministry of Road and Transport & Highway has approved the work for construction of Futala lake under Tunnel with Viewing Gallery and Nagpur Railway Station, Jaistambh Chowk improvement of Junction along with improvement of C.C road from Manas Chowk to Jaistambh Chowk under central Road Fund to state Govt. ,Public Works Department,Maharashtra.

Public works department, Nagpur desires to engage Maha Metro to execute above two works and hence transferred to Maharashtra Metro rail corporation Ltd.,Nagpur on deposit work basis.

Scope of work is furnished below :-

A. 25-storey parking cum commercial complex opposite Yashwant Stadium
1) Connected to Sitabuldi Interchange Metro station by foot overbridge (FOB).
2) Parking Slots for four-wheelers, two-wheelers and bicycles.
3) Extra Parking space for 100 cars and 100 two-wheelers

B. Futala Viewing Gallery and Cement Concrete (CC) Road Project

The work on Futala Viewing Gallery and cement concrete (CC) road project is progressing fast. It is a Central Road Fund (CRF) project and the cost is around Rs 113 crore. The entire project will be completed in time.

There are three components of the project:
1) Viewing Gallery with Projector Room
2) Multilevel Parking Plaza
3) Cement Concrete Road

Viewing Gallery with Projector Room

The length of the gallery is 350 m and the seating capacity is 4,000. Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) is developing a multimedia laser show in Futala lake and people can watch it from the gallery. A project room is being built besides the gallery for the show. The gallery will be fully covered with a 350 m long tensile roof.

There will be parking space near the gallery. It will have parking slots for 13 cars, 24 two-wheelers and 24 bicycles.

Multilevel Parking Plaza

A multilevel parking will be built near the gallery so that people coming to watch the show can park their vehicles. It will be a mechanized puzzle parking. There will be 1,000 parking slots for cars and 305 slots for two-wheelers.

Cement Concrete Road

The length of the road is 2.86 kilometer. It is along the Futala lake in rear of the gallery and on approaches. It is 18 m wide and is 90% complete.

The Nagpur Heritage Committee reviewed the project on June 15 without any objection.

Earlier, Maha Metro, as per directions of Public Works Department (PWD), had planned to construct a road tunnel below the gallery. However, this tunnel was dropped in January 2019 and the final drawing approved by PWD in October 2019 did not include the tunnel. NIT’s consultant for the multimedia laser show had told Maha Metro that the tunnel wall below the gallery will have acoustics problems and other technical issues. Hence, Maha Metro prepared a new design.

As per the new design a cement concrete road is being built behind the gallery instead.

C. Improvement of Traffic at Jaistambhchowk, Nagpur Project under CRF

1) Introduction :

The project side is on the common stretch of old NH- 6 and NH-7 where Jay Stambh statue exists. The vehicular traffic flying from east side of Nagpur and going to West side of Nagpur crossing over the Ramjhulla collide with the right turning traffic coming from West side and Ganesh Tekdi flyover and traffic jams observed frequently on busy junction of railway station. For smooth flow of traffic, augmentation of work and road widening is necessary.

Due to importance of road, Heritage importance of railway station, religious andSwayambhu Ganesh Mandiroffenly visited by thousands of devotees as well as unauthorized vehicle parking of auto rickshaw, tourist buses, this area is suffering from frequent traffic jam which causes delay in reaching the Nagpur railway station.

In view of above there is a need for widening the existing road at important places i.e. infront of Nagpur railway station and improve the riding quality as well rectify the existing road. The construction of six lane road is most beneficial for the peoples of Nagpur.

2) About Project

Maha Metro is executing the Jaistambh Traffic Improvement, a Central Road Fund (CRF) project on deposit basis. The completion period of the project depends on acquisition of land by Collector and rehabilitation of shopkeepers by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and availability of funds to be provided by PWD.

The project comprises mainly of four components:
1) Y-shaped Flyover
2) Road Underbridge (RUB) near Loha Pul
3) Cement Concrete Road
4) Multilevel Parking Plaza

1) Y-shaped Flyover

Flyover starting from existing Ramjhullabridge to LIC/RBI square having Y-shape junction at Shree Mohini complex square. Flyover starting from Ramjhullabrigeto Shree Mohini complex square will have two lanes and further from Shree Mohini Complex square to LIC/RBI square will have one lane each. Also,having one leg from Ramjhulla bridge will be diverted towards Nagpur railway station. 982 m long flyover comprise 30 spans and 3 ramps.

The work of flyover is under progress :

2) RUB near Loha Pul

It consists of RCC boxes and U- Type Trough (40 m long). The 47 m long, 6 m wide and 4.5 m height RCC box comprises of two parallel RCC boxes of which one box will have a 1.5 m wide footpath. The box pushing of Phase-Iwork below the five railway tracks has been completed and RCC box pushing for phase-IIwork will start subjected to approval of Railway.

3) Cement Concrete Road & Junction Improvement of Manas Square

It is proposed for construction of six lane, 950 m long cement concrete road from Manas square to JaistambhChowkand junction improvement ofManas square whichissubjected to shifting of shops below Tekdi flyover by NMC and availability of funds. It is also proposed for construction of two lane cement concrete road from JaistambhChowk to LIC/RBI square under Y-shaped flyover subjected to availability of fund.

Parking Plaza

A multi-level parking plaza will be constructed near Nagpur Railway Station on land belonging to Ministry of Defense (MoD), MSRTC, MPSRTC and Indian Railways. It will have shops for the shopkeepers having establishments below the existing flyover. In addition it will have 12 bus bays, parking slots for about 500 cars, 550 two-wheelers and 600 bicycles. The parking plaza will be connected to the Nagpur Railway Station and Ganesh Tekdi Temple by foot overbridges (FOBs).

After construction the entire temporary and permanent structure shall be handed over to PWD/NMC.

The work is under progress.

Dry Lean Concrete road under progress at Futala Lake PQC road under progress at Futala lake

Construction of temporary shops for evictees of Ganesh Tekdi Flyover