Metro Etiquettes

You may have taken a Metro ride in cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, etc. but now we are all set to have the Metro in our own Nagpur city. Of course the Nagpur Metro is coming with joy for everybody but at the same time it also requires us citizens to become a little more responsible towards our attitude and behaviour while riding the Metro. The coming Metro is all set to change the things in the city for better and we must prepare for it. By remembering the simple thumb rule ‘My actions should not inconvenience to others!’ we can ensure that the Metro ride becomes convenient and pleasurable for everybody. Here are some of the things that we should keep in mind and observe so as to make the Nagpur Metro, माझी मेट्रो in the real sense!

  • Don't jam your way onto the feeder bus or train. Wait for others to exit before you board.
  • Don’t create inconvenience for others with your luggage.
  • Stand up for others. Reserved seats are for elderly, women and disabled riders in the feeder bus or the Metro.
  • Please be respectful – operators are people too. Being rude or mean just takes the feeder bus operator's attention away from the job of getting you to your destination safely.
  • Be extremely careful while standing on the bus or train – it may look easy, but it's not. And even if you don't fall, you could hurt someone else.
  • Keep the Metro, the Station and the Feeder Bus clean. Make sure litter makes it into the trash.
  • Make sure that your phone calls and music players do not disturb other commuters.
  • Spitting is a crime! It not only makes the place dirty but also can spread contagious diseases.